Poetry by Maureen Wilkinson

Poems, published and unpublished, including work from my next collection 'Living as Angels'.

THE BLINDMAN GOES FROM A TO B is the title poem of my collection published by Peterloo Poets,
a signed copy of which may be PURCHASED HERE...

Blindman Poetry Index (click any title to view):

The Blindman Goes from A to B (the title poem of collection)
The Amnesiac's Dream (£1,000 1st Prize Winner, published in The Guardian)
Seeing Yellow (this poem has an associated picture in the 'Pictures with Poems' gallery)
Bringing the Night Cow Down (£1,000 1st Prize, The Guardian, picture in 'Pictures with Poems')
Only This (4th Prize in the National Poetry Competition 1988, also published in Poetry Review)
Sandra, I Have Your Photo Still (also published in Poetry Matters)
Pity the Dumb (also published in Poetry Review)
The Inseminator's Tale (also published in Westwords and Farmer's Weekly)
Travellers' Tales

The above is a selection from the 31 poems in this collection.

Living as Angels Poetry Index (click any title to view):

Explaining the Constellations (published in Poetry Review, associated picture in 'Pictures with Poems' gallery)
A Woman Knitting Herself into a Labyrinth (South West Poetry Anthology, picture in the 'Pictures with Poems' )
Once Upon a Time (published in Apples and Snakes - the Windfall Anthology 1996)
Aunt Florrie's Forest (associated picture in 'Pictures with Poems' gallery)
Snow Line
Inheriting My Parents Things (published in Poetry Review)
Life in Town
Ring of Glass (published in the 1993 SouthWest Poetry Anthology and the 1994 Cornish Links Anthology)
Living as Angels (provisional title poem of collection)
Chinese Fortune Fish
Making an Etching: Copacabana beach, Rio, Brazil
Time (published in Poetry Review)



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